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This is sort of hard to explain. There has to be a couch and a table/chair about the same height. The dude lays face down, his torso on the couch, his legs on the table/chair. This means his junk is hanging down. The chick then goes like a cat, and "claws" at the guys dick until he ejaculates, which is when the girl drinks the sperm like a kitty drinking milk. Yummy.
My girl and I were pretty freaking bored last night, so I made her do the Kitty Style.
by Jor Not a Whore February 06, 2009
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Beware, This guy will lie through his teeth about anything and everything, he should be avoided. Hangs around Yahoo chat and such.
The Kitty: Hi
Person1: Argh! I've heard about you, you're that retard with no life aren't you?!
The Kitty: Yes. Yes I am
Person1: *Runs away, lives happily ever after*
by Pseudonym March 29, 2005
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