The new word all the lazy kids use instead of the john so that they can confidently say they hit the gym that morning.
I've been able to hit the jim consistently every morning.
by toolazytocomeupwithagoodname November 10, 2019
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Directly after having sex with your sister you shit the bed
I just pulled the jim last night (jimmy gaus)
by Gracegaus27 March 1, 2016
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n. a person of poor social standing, widely disrespected and completely untrustworthy, a hustler or con artist.
"He loaned his ride to a couple of them jim-jims uptown, now he's walkin'."
"I want to be a jim-jim just like Uncle Bobby, ride around in a big spensive car and drink whiskey all the time."
by buddyray June 1, 2006
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To be sodomized, to engage in anal sex as the bottom or receiver. Can be used as derogatory remark or to describe an actual event.
1)Man, our ball team got totally Jimmed!

2)Josh is walking funny because he got Jimmed last night!
by Ske Ter July 17, 2008
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Taking an excessively long time to make a move on someone you’re attracted to. Laying groundwork for months or even years in hopes that your relationship will one day become romantic.
‘Can you believe that guy in sales? He’s really jimming it with the receptionist. I mean, it’s been 2 years, make a move already.’
by Chronos the Bear November 18, 2021
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Guy A: Yo man, how u feeling?
Guy B: Sh!#
Guy A: Why what happened?
Guy B: I got JIMMED! My bestfriend hooked up with my girlfriend!
by Monsterpiggy December 6, 2010
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nickname for James.
Other examples of such nicknames include: Jimmy, Jimmie, Jimbo, Jamie, and many others.
Psst...I think Jim has a crush on Carol.
by Brittany Perrault April 15, 2008
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