When you blow a man in a swimming pool.
The homosexual actor invited a bunch of men to his pool party, because he wanted to do The Hudson River.
by CurrentlyDepressedTrainwreck November 20, 2019
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A river that runs through New York state , between Manhattan and New Jersey, and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
If Manhattan blew up, I would swim across the Hudson to New Jersey.
by filius August 3, 2005
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Named after Henry Hudson, discoverer of the radioactive river splitting Jersey and Manhattan. If you want to get radiation, you swim in the Hudson. Maybe you will additionally find scrap metal or a car in the Hudson River. Probably because of 3-Mile Island being in the middle of the damn river! 3-Mile Island is a closed down radioactive island, similar to Indian Point. More up North, however, makes nice whitewater rafting.
Guy #1 - Yo dude do you wanna swim in the Hudson River with me?

Guy #2 - Nah dude, I'm not suicidal!
by Señor Sweet Beatz July 28, 2008
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The used condoms you find floating near the docks and shores of the hudson river. They get this name b/c they kind of float there and are white and yeah its just nasty.
When you look down next to the dock to put the boat in the water and theres a hudson river jellyfish floating there....
by Ualbany Crew April 21, 2006
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(n) a used condom, so-named because it is the only kind of fish one would see floating in this polluted river.
Several Hudson River eels littered the filthy pier.
by Heptune May 12, 2005
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When you go to the store to buy a 12 pack or crayons and go home to stick all of them up your ass, and shit out a Rainbow
Little billy and his friends had the best Hudson River
by RoomService November 6, 2021
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