Solitary Confinement
Wether its The County Jails or the State Penitentiary Prisons , when a Yellow dressed convict has to be put in time out he gets sent to a cell only for the craziest and most psycho people in the system and bearly get paid attention to for their rational and unsettling behavior.
Don't pay attention to him. That lunatic is in the Hole for his insane behavior.
by LiL KiD.: May 07, 2017
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Noun. Slang term for a psychiatric institution, used primarily by those committed on an involuntary basis.
Police: "Open up!"
Kelly: "Don't take me to the Hole, man!"
by Crazy Like A Fox February 08, 2013
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Where two people don't want to talk about someone because they annoy them so ,but they end up talking about how much they can't stand that person behind their backs thus bringing them in to the lime light right where the person in question wants to be.
Jill,"Sally, i can't stand her."

Joe, "Me either. All she is, is a full of one self, stuck up, my way or the highway, look at me look at me, praise me or burn in hell, bitch."

Jill, "I know it."

Joe, "We just fell in the hole."

Jill, "Well Shit. Always talking bout her damn it man!"
by Andrew Kiser May 16, 2008
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Listen, at the end of the day, a hole is a hole is a hole. Sex is sex. When you get some, you get some. It doesn't matter who it's with, you're still getting some.
John: Brian, do you like guys or girls?
Brian: John, a hole is a hole is a hole. It doesn't matter what they are, sex is sex.
John: You right.
by SecretaryConfucius February 14, 2018
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the way you sleep when you MUST sleep with another male, under some extraordinary circumstances that will allow nothing else, so nothin wierd happens while you are sleepin
Jason: hey jason you sleep on top of the quilt i will sleep under

Dale: Nahhh lets just sleep hole to hole so i wont get cold
by Auneeezy October 11, 2005
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Hanging out with a significant other. Such as a date, or romantic elope.
Friend 1: Hey, you want to hang out?
Friend 2: I can't. I'm holed tonight.
by Senor_Wheels March 29, 2017
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Polite, unoffensive manner to refer to someone as an asshole.
He is such an *A hole*.
by Devil421 November 26, 2003
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