Nickname for gay dating app Grindr. Used in reference to the display of profiles as tiles on a scrollable grid.
Tommy: I was on the grid and 281 people viewed my profile since I changed my display name from ‘Tommy’ to ‘Big Ol’ Willy.’
Ollie: Tommy, you’re a slut and we love you for it.
by bigolwilly December 24, 2019
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The name for where Section D work (from the BBC television series Spooks)
Harry returned back to the Grid
by dosalmhhrs December 28, 2009
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Gay Related Imune Deficiancy Syndrome. Early slang term for AIDS.
I have the grids.
by zulu June 15, 2003
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Original medical acronym for AIDS. Stood for gay related immune disorder. Not a word of a lie.
I used to have GRID, now I have AIDS
by Coleman January 16, 2005
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Grown kid

A pejorative term used to refer to a young adult beyond their early twenties still dependent upon their parents for daily well-being.

Not to be confused with a Boomerang Kid, these are single young men and women who are lazy, able-bodies sloths, unwilling to support themselves, and generally provide no positive contribution to society.
Tom: Has your grid gotten a job yet?

Joe: No, what about yours?

Tom: Man, if it weren't for their mother, I'd have put my lazy-ass grids out ages ago.
by DunoNuthin April 05, 2017
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To spend some time in "the learning grid"
Implication that it's serious quantities of time
Griff: You Gridding it today?
Dave: Gonna have to, have tonnes of work to do!
by BrassDave September 30, 2007
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The preferred way of referring to a FACE in Liverpool.
Hey, your ma would have a chance with me if it wasn't for her frightful grid.
by The_Fish66 June 05, 2007
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