Nickname for gay dating app Grindr. Used in reference to the display of profiles as tiles on a scrollable grid.
Tommy: I was on the grid and 281 people viewed my profile since I changed my display name from ‘Tommy’ to ‘Big Ol’ Willy.’
Ollie: Tommy, you’re a slut and we love you for it.
by bigolwilly December 24, 2019
A grotesque and dismal place made up of politics, mainstream news, Joe Rogan, kid diddlers, celebrities, woke folk, credit card reward points, fast food, porn, social media arguments, the lottery, health advice from the obese, billboards that strongly suggest if you don't think obese women are beautiful then you are racist, The Big Bang Theory, covid, plant meat, and Black Friday. It is where Gridders live happily unhappy- leading fearful, depressing lives. On The Grid, everyone wants to have a mental illness and Flat Screen TVs are a measure of success.
"Damn dude, that joke is funny. It's too bad you can't say funny jokes when youre on The Grid."
by Linklage January 14, 2022
The name for where Section D work (from the BBC television series Spooks)
Harry returned back to the Grid
by dosalmhhrs December 28, 2010
Gay Related Imune Deficiancy Syndrome. Early slang term for AIDS.
I have the grids.
by zulu June 16, 2003
Original medical acronym for AIDS. Stood for gay related immune disorder. Not a word of a lie.
I used to have GRID, now I have AIDS
by Coleman January 16, 2005
To spend some time in "the learning grid"
Implication that it's serious quantities of time
Griff: You Gridding it today?
Dave: Gonna have to, have tonnes of work to do!
by BrassDave September 30, 2007
Grown kid

A pejorative term used to refer to a young adult beyond their early twenties still dependent upon their parents for daily well-being.

Not to be confused with a Boomerang Kid, these are single young men and women who are lazy, able-bodies sloths, unwilling to support themselves, and generally provide no positive contribution to society.
Tom: Has your grid gotten a job yet?

Joe: No, what about yours?

Tom: Man, if it weren't for their mother, I'd have put my lazy-ass grids out ages ago.
by DunoNuthin April 6, 2017