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by darious miles III January 11, 2011
- The act of a man tucking his wang and sack between his legs and bending over so that it can be seen from behind resembling the head of a goat.
- Sometimes used in the Fag Game or the Nut Game.
Tim is well endowed, he was able to pull off the goat!
by CrazyBastard November 26, 2005
when the man (or transsexual person) tucks his penis and ballsack between his legs, closes his legs, and bends over, leaving his package hanging out the back of his legs for all to see. a dick trick that is used to creep out friends and (hopefully not) family members.
That asshole gave me the goat. I almost puked.
by el brendino November 25, 2006
A nicknamed used for American Hip Hop artist Kendrick Lamar. It means "Greatest Of All Time" and was bestowed on Kendrick following his 2017 release of DAMN.
When asked if Kendrick Lamar was good, God said "Kendrick? Oh, he's the GOAT nigga"
by YouThotYouWasCorrect April 15, 2017
Acronym for 'the Greatest of All Time'
In football, Tom Brady is the GOAT!
by thegoat01 December 13, 2017
when you tuck your balls and your dick between your legs and bend over as a form of a prank to show your friends
I bent over and gave the goat to my buddy Grant when he came through the apartment door.
by bossassbitch1995 June 13, 2015