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1. Verb. To be banned for ongoing play in an online video game for some action of insignificance, typically by some fat power hungry nerd who thrives on exercising his online powers.
My boy Nameless One just got instabanned for saying google.com in the main chat room by faggot Adept_Lynx!
by The Goat July 25, 2005

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n00b = just n00b ;) b00n
14t0r = Terminator ;)

n00b14t0r = uber n00b
U R a f*cking n00b14t0r
by The Goat June 16, 2006

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a term that been used on Clubvibes.com
Its a gang of members who worship The Goat. Ah wsntme i so fancy The Goat tonite.
Yes Zac lets get The Goat and ride it all nite
by The Goat July 14, 2003

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