Quintessential sex move. Used primarily to end a relationship, or convince a two bagger to leave your house when you sober up early. Drop trou and sit down raising legs well over your head. After she/it begins eating your ass cut a runny, rumbling fart directly into her/it's mouth. Results in immediate departure.
Dude, my girl wants to commit.. What should I do? Give her the Gilbert, that'll send the bitch for the hills, and if it doesn't you know she's a keeper.
by Camuel slemens February 8, 2019
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The distorted audio sound that occurs when one has connectivity or performance issues during live streaming or video recording. It was named after JS Gilbert, a Live Streamer who often had this issue and thus, became known for it. People all over the web now use this term.
"Excuse me, can you please refresh your browser? You're gilberting."

"I tried to stay and listen but he was gilberting so badly, he was hurting my ears."
by AngelHillTV August 25, 2016
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A religion in which you worship a green tropical fish, from minecraft, called Gilberty.
Louis: All hail Gilberty.

Connor: You follow Gilbertism?
Louis: Of course! May he rest in piss!
by Connor Big Penis June 30, 2021
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big ah monkey ah battyfish
likes to swing from trees

oo oo aah aah
"conservative party sucks"
"gilbert is a big dark monkey
by OOOoahhhh October 13, 2022
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Gilbert is the boy that i wanna kiss hes got lovely music taste he treats you like a princess hes so sweet and he’ll always make sure you feel safe and happy. He is the most handsomest boy in the universe he never fails to make you smile and most importantly i love gil and im happy for all the things hes done for me.
“hey remember Gilbert?” ofc i do how could i forget him
by Afr4h May 20, 2022
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