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The distorted audio sound that occurs when one has connectivity or performance issues during live streaming or video recording. It was named after JS Gilbert, a Live Streamer who often had this issue and thus, became known for it. People all over the web now use this term.
"Excuse me, can you please refresh your browser? You're gilberting."

"I tried to stay and listen but he was gilberting so badly, he was hurting my ears."
by AngelHillTV August 25, 2016
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To take a conversation or situation to the excess. To act with reckless abandon as though one is beyond reproach.
Guy looks over at this chick with a tracheotomy and says to his friends "nice, just another hole to finger." Classic gilberting.
by hexluther April 13, 2011
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An Extreme in work Ethic can be very good or very bad
Also Known As Being gilberty

to have moments of gilberting is known as having a gilbert

He Was very hard at work he must have been gilberting or he couldnt give a fuck he must be gilberting
by Lamppost May 31, 2007
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