The fungus is a serious condition that comes to those unfortunate people who suffer from the madness. It's where the anal cavity becomes rotten from excessive anal sex. The anus secreates various bodily fluids. The patient suffers from extreme anal leakage. They are marked by a putrid scent of death and fecal matter. Once a person gets the fungus they are sufferers for life. They can only treat the symptoms by using items like butt plugs and scented tampons. Prevention is the key!
"Omigosh! Look at the trail of poo behind (insert name), I think she has the fungus!"
by betsyslover December 8, 2009
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slang term referring to mushrooms that one ingests to "trip" or hallucinate
Yo let's get that fungus I'm tryin to trip balls tonight!
by Mark Tanner February 5, 2008
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Someone who is lazy and does nothing all day (someone who just sits around and rots).
Freakin FUNGUS is still living at home, shit!
by Joshiro007 February 20, 2003
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Reaps all of the negative connotations that have been used with the word, "gay."

adjective, -al or without "-al," adverb, -ally
A: Ben, what do you think of my new sweater?

Ben: It's pretty fungus.
by Bajabear January 21, 2011
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1.A term meaning "Fuck you new guy you suck"

2.A nick name
1.Wooooow Fungus

2.What's good Fungus!
by K-Black April 28, 2008
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Something that is really cool and in fashion.
Something or someone that a person really likes.
An expression of suprise.
That T-Shirt is really fungu!!
Oh! That is so fungu!
by george424 August 31, 2008
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fungu is an alternate way to say fuck is better than fuck you because it confuses the victum of the fuck youing.
fungu nigga.
by JCruz973 August 19, 2008
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