Nickname of Fort Collins, Colorado. Because "foco" is so 2006.
Guy: What are we doing tonight?
Guy2: Wanna go up to the fort and party at Ram Village?
by tvspeedy07 August 27, 2008
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The nicest cast member of SNL. Gentle and hilarious.
We need more Will Forte's in this world.
by Fallonized November 16, 2004
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a thing at which someone excels
small talk was not his forte
her forte was not education
music is her forte
by nanzedrew May 17, 2009
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A fort is an enclosed space made from sheets, chairs and other household items. Forts can have high ceilings.
Kevin makes semi-okay forts.

You are never too old to make a fort.
by princess c January 20, 2007
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The act of entrapping a person under a blanket, giving the illusion of a "fort".
"I am going to fort you!", "I was punched in the face while forting my friend"
by mr. mantooth January 12, 2012
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A great guy who is kind and caring and will stick with his friends through thick and thin. He is stubborn but is constantly thinking about what's best for other people. He will work hard for what he wants and always keeps a positive view of things. He is funny and is an all round amazing person! If your lucky enough to meet him then you know he will be a life long friend. There are no words to describe exactly how amazing he is, you can only know if you meet him.
Person 1: Hey, how would you describe Fort?
Person 2: You can't! there is no way to describe his amazingness
by LollipopsRCoolz June 13, 2013
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