A group of men that join together and punch you with a metaphorical fist. Used to pump people up.
"What hurts?"-Friend 1
"The Fist hurts"-Friend 2
by FISTHURTS October 18, 2010
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Donkey Kong's move in Super Smash Bros.
Destroys people.
Deadliest move in Smash.
I charged up Donkey Kong's beast of a hit, and obliterated Link with The Fist.
by Isaac Lopez September 16, 2008
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When a guy takes a picture with a girl and when his arm is around her waist he makes a fist instead of putting his hand around her waist.
Becky: omfg I finally took a pic with Brad!!
Becky’s friend: nah girl look, he did the fist, he doesn’t have feelings for you.
Becky: *dies*
by Homeboy5 April 22, 2018
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Flip a coin, 50-50, When the guns go away you're gonna have to fist to fist me. - Kano.

I didn't have my knife so I had to go fist to fist with that cracker.
by DaveG217 September 10, 2006
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to insert ones fist into another individuals vagina or anus
Hey Richy, please fist my anus!
by shelp March 11, 2003
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the act or art of putting a fist in an ass or vigina, very popular practice among more evolved(kinky)gays. requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication
by Anonymous March 22, 2003
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