The name of the Best Car Ever.
The Fireball comes with four $800 fireball decals, adding aprox. 100 horsepower each.

Also forged in the center of a volcano
by Jorgezoltan May 19, 2007
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Cinnamon flavored whisky (33% ABV) which doesn't taste bad, but can easily fuck you up, just like any other alcohol.
I drank more than half a fifth of fireball last weekend and blacked the fuck out, puked all over my friend's truck, and ended up at my house at 4am.
by nanuno May 22, 2015
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Whiskey that many teenagers drink because it is farely strong (33% alcohol) and doesn't taste bad,has a cinnomon taste, so it is easy to chug and get drunk quick.
Man i chugged a quart of fireball before the dance and the cops were all over my ass with the breathaliser as soon as i walked in.
by ....anonomys June 21, 2006
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Person 1 : is it a football

Person 2 : no, it is a basketball

Person 3 : no, it is a fireball

Person 1 : wait a sec, did you say fireball

Person 1,2,3 : ahhhhhhhhh
by Rara 21 October 14, 2021
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Receiving blowjob and ball play after shots of fireball cinnamon whisky
Marie just did 3 shots of fireball, now I'm getting fireballed in the parking lot.
by Monkeythephotog April 14, 2018
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an extremeley upset or enraged person who should be dealt with extreme caution.
Chill out there fireball.

Don't talk to Bob right now...He's a fireball.
by RShah August 8, 2006
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Yeah this girl got the joints man, she is a fireball
by Lil Duff 2008 August 7, 2008
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