a cart wheel into a t-bag
When Timmy passed out last night, I gave him the Fielder
by Dawgleg August 23, 2009
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A fielders is a certain type of person that is immune to having a good time and generally just stands around awkwardly with his hands in his pockets during social events and situations. The term derives from baseball outfielders, who, for the most part, just fucking stand there.
Party Goer 1: Hey man, who's that guy sitting on the stool in the corner all alone?

Party Goer 2: Oh, that just John's friend from work. Huge fuckin' fielder, bud.
by DonQDick July 22, 2009
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A term to describe one such being who is overly attached to one individual in a sexual way and will take any opportunity to get any attention or contact from the individual. They will often try to disguise this buy proclaiming that they are in "love" with the individual. Movements or symptoms mostly conclude, holding onto the individuals hips while they are walking or getting a hug or some sort of contact at any chance they get.
"Why won't he leave her alone?"
"He got Fielder Syndrome..."
by Sir Blobbington May 23, 2014
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that weird kid in class that stares at you while you are working. I guess you can say he is like Russian spy, or Sasquatch.
by super unicorns January 10, 2018
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A choice made by the male involved in sexual intercourse. It refers to the moment where intercourse is interrupted due to an escape threat by the semen from the urethra of the penis.
John: Whew.
Eric: What?
John: I just got lucky. At the last minute, I grounded into a fielder's choice. If i did it any longer, I would have to get a better job caz I know she aint gettin an abortion
by bigman000000 January 9, 2010
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To be cool and from the new era that's like the hippity hop and cool groove music and trends. To know how to get all the hoes and how a hunter smith is a gay boy who is gay.
"Looking pretty Dawson Fielder today. WHy bro, I love u for saying that. Lets be gay together."
by jecbewbcjwn/cwdc January 18, 2018
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Someone who just overall sucks and is stupid who plays Football. Thinks they are a jock but are just a geeky nerd. Thinks they are good at everything... But are not.
Thomas is a Shit Fielder because he is stupid and his girlfriend always wins at everything because he not good at anything other then watching TV.
by thomasisastoopidhead April 9, 2021
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