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A bedroom maneuver that can be exercised by both males and females. Upon initiating sexual contact with said partner, as you are about to climax swiftly pull out a feather (preferably an eagle feather or other endangered animal feather although this is optional as using said feathers only adds cool factor) then tickle your own nose with said feather just as you are coming and it will be at least 1/10th of a better orgasm! Variations of the feather duster include reverse featherdusting, team featherdusting, the dusty blumpkin, and what is commonly referred to as "the french maid".
I heard that when you sneeze, it's 1/10th of an orgasm, so as I was fucking this chick I pulled the feather duster on her and was in heaven 1/10th more than I would be normally!
by cyanidecotdpnuts May 26, 2010
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