A girl that gets a ton of guys like their specks of dust
Jade: look at her she's picking up every single guy she sees
Hannah: Yeah! She's such a feather duster!
Jade: Feather duster?
Hannah: a feather duster is a girl that picks up guys like their specks of dust.
by Daquisha_wheels August 6, 2016
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A racial slur for Native Americas based on the assumption that they often wear feathered headdresses.
Dan: Yo have you ever been to one of those Native American Casinos?

Jon: Nah man. I typically tend to stay clear of those Feather Dusters.
by Saveethescene November 3, 2018
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A bedroom maneuver that can be exercised by both males and females. Upon initiating sexual contact with said partner, as you are about to climax swiftly pull out a feather (preferably an eagle feather or other endangered animal feather although this is optional as using said feathers only adds cool factor) then tickle your own nose with said feather just as you are coming and it will be at least 1/10th of a better orgasm! Variations of the feather duster include reverse featherdusting, team featherdusting, the dusty blumpkin, and what is commonly referred to as "the french maid".
I heard that when you sneeze, it's 1/10th of an orgasm, so as I was fucking this chick I pulled the feather duster on her and was in heaven 1/10th more than I would be normally!
by cyanidecotdpnuts May 26, 2010
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One who recycles leftover cocaine from a mans moustache , by snorting it clean.
"Did you see that siberian feather duster in the bar last night, what a druggy"
by Jurd92 July 13, 2015
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When a man is fucking a women, he rips out her hair and duck tapes it to his penis. Then he anals her, tickling her colon. Finally, he tickles/beats her face with his extra-hairy,feces cover schlong untill bleeding occers and the man ejaculates.
There's no more dust on her face anymore, i took care of that with my arabian feather duster.

You should of seen her after he bashed her with his arabian feather duster.
by Superj1135 September 26, 2010
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What got BT banned from DLive.
Florida Lady: "Man, this dude is drunker than a nigger 99 with a feather duster."
BT: "A nigger 99 with a feather duster?"
by BT's Box March 5, 2020
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