When you let a fart that is so wet, stanky, and nasty that you swear to god you just shit yourself, but when you check your drawers, there is no shit to be found. Must have evaporated

Mo: Goddamn, dude, you better hope that was the evaporator, otherwise you just ruined a set of drawers.
by Mark Barker October 28, 2014
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To be beyond pro at DotA. To say "evaporated is pro at all heros" is an understatement.
Evaporated is godlike with all heros in DotA.
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To suck a dick until it is completely dry.
I am going to evaporate the s*** out of him!
by laughnchic June 25, 2010
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When the water in a washing machine "disappears" from the inside of it and your clothes are no longer submersed in water.
"Hey Nick, how does the water get out of the washing machine?" "It evaporates."
by eveofnemesis August 15, 2007
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Evaporated Cum is the combined cum of several guys that has been collected and put in a flat dish to evaporate and condense to a rich, thick, ivory-colored liquid for all the dudes to enjoy. May be used in various semen recipes.
Last night we all jacked off in a dish so we could make Evaporated Cum!
by eda-skip October 05, 2021
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