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NOT the scientific term. But an amazing band with members from the New Hartford/Syracuse, NY areas. Consists of the band members, Hussain, Mike, Tom, Ricky, Johnny and Eric. Their music could be classified as Punk/Rock. These fun guys will keep you entertained and at the same time give you a rockin' show. And if your wondering, "Well golly, do these fellers have a myspizzle?" the answer is Yessir! They do! Also, you will notice certain trends with them, such as: vests, dyed hair, IHS, visible boxers shorts, v-necks, and STICKSLAMS(referring to the popular webcam broadcasting site)! :D
Some Random Chicka - "Dude, your about as amazing as The Doppler Effect!"
Random Dude - "Oh My Gosh! That's such a compliment!"
by CrackerDinosaurMonkey January 16, 2009
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Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
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It's when a fast vehicule passes by and goes like 'nyoooooooooom'
Random guy at Nascar race - "Yo dude these cars go really fast!"
Car - "Nyyyyooooooooooomm..."
Random guy - "You hear that? That's the Doppler effect."
by YeetusUrbandicus November 25, 2019
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