Basically the whole south region of the United States.
ayo which region makin the hottest tracks these days ?
definitely the dirty dirty.
by Alaysia April 24, 2007
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Just another name for the Dirty Den of Meriden CT
Not to be confused with the other Dirtys of the US.

Its a wasteland full of druggys and scum bags... But all the kids that live there are sick as and always a blast to party with.
"HAHA I just went to the dirty dirty mall and copped some budder hell yeahhh we gettin crizzed tonight."

"Yo I just got off the phone. I got a clown, a magician, I got 3 fortune tellers, 8 kegs, 2 portrait artists, 6 DJ's, and a fucking light show technitian man.. dis party gonna be off the HOOK!"

"...Man, why didnt you just invite someone from the dirty dirty? That'd be way cooler than all that garbage"
by CHALK111 January 08, 2010
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