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Probably one of the best games ever made. It is an adventure game created by Lucasarts using the SCUMM engine. It involved a team of scientists trapped on an alien planet trying to learn about the planets history and at the same time trying to survive. It was and still is tons of fun.
John: Yo bro lets go play some Doom 3 that game is tight man the graphics are sick!
Tom: Doom 3 is a tech demo that contains crappy gameplay and sucks fat monkey balls. I'm going to go play a real game, The Dig
by Nick from the Bay July 13, 2006
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1. The common name for the Evangel floor Scott 1st South.
2. The current and former members of the S1S floor.

Located in the southernmost dormitory on the campus of Evangel University, the southern half of the first floor is known officially as “Scott 1st South” and colloquially as “The Digs”. The Digs was christened in 2004 as the mens' honors floor and has since grown into a semi-fraternity. The brotherhood of The Digs is known on Evangel’s campus for their high GPAs, annual wrestling match “The Gauntlet”, their participation in the Gallon Challenge, and their respect for all female students.
"The guys from The Digs are getting together tonight to go bridge jumping. Wanna go?"
by Deuce3454 July 27, 2009
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