A filthy Jeangoloid piece of fabric, who is ruled and terrorized by Mothman and is in deep denial over his true identity, and the fact that "it" is a Pair of Denim Blue Jeans!
Christian "Levi " Ikerd is an example of being "The Denim" Because he is in deep denial of being a disgusting pair of jeans, who also loves deep rinse/wash cycles!
by Jordan wong69 November 1, 2016
The literal type of pants that Mario wears.
Bill: "Hey George, what type of pants does Mario wear?
George: "Fuck! I don't know. Overalls?"
Bill: "Nope, Denim Denim Denim!"
by BallzMcLongCock June 14, 2010
“She’s wearing denim on denim. She has style. That’s what we call fashion. Take note
by Someone With High Fashion. September 3, 2019
Denim: Totally awesome or cool, down right rad. The new age term for “sick dude.”
Dude, your air time off that jump was totally denim! That car is Denim dude. The place is Denim. Those boots are Denim!
by Hot mamma January 11, 2019
The principles and practices of an denimist
October's main feature is 'Denimism' so it's difficult to find specifics about jeans but I'd say most popular are long denim skirts.
by denimism.com May 12, 2010
adj. being fully aware that what you are doing, wearing, saying, etc. is something that is not considered "cool" by society, but you don't care and own it anyway. 
It's totally denim to make up your own word and meaning and post it on Urban Dictionary.
by mitchmain April 10, 2007