Reffering to a Southern Illinois (also called So Ill) town, called Carbondale; it is the heart of So Ill, it is an oasis in terms of culture. It is inbetween Murphysboro, and Marion because cambria craneville and caterville arent actually towns.
Im going to The Dale today, to do something interesting.
by Peter Batinski March 23, 2007
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A lovely township in Montgomery County Pennsylvania (Lansdale for long) that is 28 miles away from North East Philadelphia. As a result of its location the Dale has a diverse spectrum of people. On the left side of the spectrum we have Philly hood rats that are really on some gang shit. On the right side of the spectrum we have rich white kids that claim to really be on some gang shit (but its painfully obvious that they actually aren't. While a person born outside of the Dale might think that this cesspool of a community would never get along, once you take a dip into our community you’ll see that the Dales mesh of cultures doesn’t cause it to be self-destructive; but in a way it causes it to be harmonious. While we do have some hiccups in our community like random fights that seem to start for no reason, an excessive amount of people posting themselves doing drugs on snapchat, half of our population being thots (both male and female), and an increasing amount of people being fake depressed on social media for attention I still have high hopes our current generation growing up in the Dale. All in all, no matter what your financial or ethnic background is you can always find yourself a place on the Dale spectrum and you know what they say; “if you can make it in the Dale, you can make it anywhere!”
Person #1: “Yooo check **** snapchat story, that one kid got knocked out at Parkside!”
Person #2: (shaking thier head) “Only in the Dale...”
by A Resident Of The Dale August 24, 2018
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