Where you live at in The Dale?
by Note January 9, 2005
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Reffering to a Southern Illinois (also called So Ill) town, called Carbondale; it is the heart of So Ill, it is an oasis in terms of culture. It is inbetween Murphysboro, and Marion because cambria craneville and caterville arent actually towns.
Im going to The Dale today, to do something interesting.
by Peter Batinski March 24, 2007
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to be absolutely destroyed physically, mentally, or even figuratively in either sense. Being daled is one of the worst things to happen to a person. No one has been double daled and lived to tell the tale.
yeah, but at least i wasn't double daled
by TheSurvivor May 2, 2011
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Means "go ahead" in spanish, mostly Cuban slang, used alot in Miami. Used as a goodbye or a slang call.
Alright man, I'll talk to you later, DALE!
by Yamian October 1, 2005
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1)To slack off at work
2)To hold a job for a long period of time without actually doing any work whatsoever
Nate decided to Dale it today and accomplished nothing today at work.
by Eight Gayway July 24, 2008
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An amazing guy who is super sexy and really smart. He is fun and whity and can some times be grumpy. He has serious mood swings but is mostly happy. If your boyfriend is a dale then you are really really really lucky because Dale's are great guys. He fights for what he wants. If dale gets mad you better whatch out because he can be dangerous. All around he is pretty great.
by krazyk1234 May 28, 2009
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when nobody else is there for you,dale will always have your back.
by DDawgg! December 20, 2016
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