1: Claudio in the story by Claudio Sanchez.
2: A song on the album "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" Told from the point of view of Claudio (The Character, or "The Crowing.")
In the song, Claudio wakes up from his dream (covering IRO-Bot, and the first four tracks of IKSSE:3, all of which has actually occurred) and is greeted by Ambellina, one of the Prise, who then explains to him that he is The Crowing, the messiah who brought the only hope to save the earth, and that the Prise wishes her to watch over Claudio.
"The Crowing" is the fifth track on "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" as well as the character described in the title.
by Katy H April 03, 2007
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Someone that can’t do basic things and repeats their mistakes. They also eat other people’s food.
Look at that lady using an elliptical backwards. That must be a Crowe
by Wrangler11 March 19, 2019
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Brandon Lee is the man. The crow is one of the 5 best movies of all time. It's about a young man named Eric Draven who gets murdered along with his fiance' by a gang. He is then brought back from the dead by a crow and procedes to kick some fuckin ass. Brandon was killed during the making of this movie by a dummy bullet that had gotten lodged in the barrel of a prop gun. When the gun was used, the blank had enough power to shoot the round out.
"here funboy"
by Joe May 01, 2004
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One of the single most awesomest movies ever created. it had everything a movie needs...love, death, revenge, vengance, hate, and the tragic death of its gorgeous star Brandon Lee. He died so young...gunshot wound from a prop gun...sad. very sad. the movie was in its final days of filming. he was to be married 12 days later or something like that.
Victims...aren't we all?
by fallen_star_siren April 08, 2004
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The elite technique of masturbating with the inside of your elbow.
Kyle: Oh shit, you hear about Devin?
Alex: What about him about him?
Kyle: He got admitted into the hospital for scoliosis.
Alex: What the fuck, how?
Kyle: He was trying the Crow. Poor kid couldn't handle it yet.
by shiznit1707 February 09, 2009
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-To be stabbed in the back

-When a friend says he/she will do something with you but bails on you at the last mintue, leaving you alone.
"Henry, I got crowed early by steve"
by scrowed April 12, 2015
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