A YouTuber that is cursed. And he accepted that he's going to hell. He goes through different cursed subreddits. Such as r/NoahGetTheBoat r/GachaLifeCringe r/TheClickOwO (his own sub reddit) and some others. He's also part of Sad Milk.

I'm honestly surprised that there isn't a definition for him yet honestly. Well here's one now!
I watched The Click. I'm going to hell with him.
by Anxious Yankee October 18, 2020
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The Click is a YouTuber who is the perfect blend of cursedness and wholesomeness. Click uses the terms uwu and owo a bit too much.
A "The Click is a wonderful YouTuber"
B "Oooh you mean the cursed one?"
A "Well... yes and no."
by Dunzl June 15, 2020
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An utterance made when observing another man talking to an obviously underage girl, passing by an underage girl, or in the general presence of underage girls.
Underage girl: "Tom, want to come to my high school field hockey game today?"
Tom: "Sure, I don't have a day job."
Tom's friend: "Click click."
by Don Caypunch October 25, 2007
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when shot's fired it's called click click. Or when someone
decides to shoot someone.
I'll click click your ass u fool!
by Mirkomol February 23, 2007
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Scamming/Cashing out. Clicking means to commit any cyber crime related to getting money or property.
1. ) "Yo bro, this job is cool and all but im finna quit and start clicking fr"

2. ) "Yo bro, send me them clicking methods, them old jawns is dead"
by yesitsjohndoe December 16, 2020
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the point in a romantic relationship, either heterosexual or otherwise, where the two participating parties experience a momentary feeling that changes the way they both feel towards their relationship, and where they both feel that the relationship is both permanent, worthwhile and, usually, that the other person is 'the one'. This usually consolidates the relationship's status as a long lasting or 'serious' relationship.
"Have you two had the Click yet?"
"I'm so excited - me and X had the Click last night!"
"It was never going to work - we just never had the Click."
by guccifendipradalove July 31, 2009
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