Pronounced "Tat - E - Bounce - Ur": A girl whose cleavage is really hanging out of a lowcut shirt. Usually worn at a bar or club, where said girl is dancing or bopping her tatties around in front of guys. The girl also probably loves NYC, Hoboken and of course,the Jersey Shore.

These girls always know the plan for the night and usually coordinate them.

Places Tatty Bouncers are found: DJais in Belmar, Bar A in Belmar, Jenkinsen's in Point Pleasant, Headliner in Neptune, Temptations in Seaside Heights, Neptunes in the Long Island, Bordy Barn in Long Island, Bahama Mama's in Hoboken, Black Bear in Hoboken, Sound Factory in NYC, Club Exit in NYC, Studio Four in Ft. Lee, Soundgarden in Lodi, Chevy's (for Cinco de Mayo)in Clifton...and many MANY more!

Also can be used as a verb...see examples.
Look at that Tatty Bouncer over there...Nice shirt, whore.

Are you going to go Bounce Your Tats tonight at Bar A?

Yo, Tatty Bouncer, what's the deal for tonight?
by A Tatty Bouncer's Friend May 31, 2006
Gay poncey camel fucker who goes into a frenzy and has multiple orgasms whenever the word wordcamelword is mentioned or one of the hairy beasts is sighted.
He's camel crazy,
He's camel mad.
I don't know a camel
Men Bouncer hasn't had.

He chases them across the desert
He humps them in the sand
Men's the greatest camel fucker
There is in all the land.
by Carpman June 9, 2003
Hey carpman
Half that song is my fault
you might pass some blame to me as well
by The incredibly smelly jerry September 23, 2003
A song that makes your ass jump out of your seat.
"Wow that song is great. It's such a booty bouncer."
by bootymonster April 30, 2011
Where a heavy set black male, who works at a gay bar as a bouncer and is also gay, fucks you in the ass making your ass 3 inches wider.
Austin went to a gay bar and met a Super Black Bouncer.
by BigBrain23 October 11, 2019
A nickname given to a girl who deserves recodnition for what shes got, this girl has a big ass that bounces when she walks, and this girl may or may not have skills bouncing her butt on her own
There's my big booty bouncer. Bouncing that big booty
by Savage_Wolf December 22, 2019
Big BOUNCER joe is a young but hung fella who protects the hoes and bros alike. If you look at him at him wrong guaranteed you're gonna be an aunt and have and extra sister or brother and son or daughter. Joe is normally a chava type guy who is keen in the profits of the business English defense org. A fella with a 15 incher plus massive testes. A guy who has abs on his abs and 6 pack
The opps go "Oh shit it'd Big BOUNCER joe run for life and hide your wife".
by Epic Reds December 25, 2021