On the old "Muppet Show", this was the final phrase sung by the Swedish Chef during his opening jingle.

It has been re-used to mean "testing" in computer geek circles.
Subject: I'm testing this email!

by DiscontentedCookie April 10, 2008
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A massively popular first name, likely a variant of "Bart." Its popularity is so great that "Bort" merchandise frequently sells out in gift shops.
"We need more 'Bort' license plates in the gift shop. I repeat: we are sold out of 'Bort' license plates."

Small child: "Mommy, mommy! Buy me a license plate."
Mother: "No, come along Bort."
Man: "Are you talking to me?"
Mother: "No, my son is also named Bort."
by penguinboy561 May 30, 2011
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A popular name according novelty license plate makers in the Simpsons' world.

Appears in The Simpsons episode, "Itchy & Scratchy Land"
No, my son is also name Bort
by SnowballIII June 29, 2011
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A person with a dodgy eye, lop-sided head, bearing a physical resemblence to Gollem, the mythical creature from J.R.R Tolkeins Lord of the Rings Series. 2nd most popular christian name in the Northern hemishphere after John.
"Attention shoppers, we have run out of BORT license plates, REPEAT, we have no more BORT license plates left"
by Jebidiah March 13, 2003
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A word of Northern England Origin - Exact area unknown but somewhere around Leeds. Should be used when someone is clearly lying - instead of common responses such as 'bullshit' or 'bollocks'.

Should also be put into as many songs as possible.

When things are taken too far, can also be replicated using seal noises. Usually this would be pronounced 'orrrrr'
Northerner 1: 'I'm Grizz Me.'
His Friend: 'BORT!'

2. 'I've had sex loads of times, its great!'

'...bort..you're 12.'


'orr orr orr orr orr!'
by CTRL Monsta February 11, 2011
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bort is an insult but it’s also much more. it unites the bortiest of souls. everyone can be a bort and everyone can call you out on it. next time someone calls you a bort-accept it and classify it as an essential part of your being
eat a bort

-the origin and most frequent usage
by poor unforture wamp June 30, 2021
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