A mix of a beauty and a cutie.
R: Hey, do you know Justine?
R: She's such a beautie!
by RawR<33 July 29, 2010
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A person who is nice, cool, or otherwise chill in some manner. The person may or may not be good looking.
Person 1: Luongo is such a beauty!

Person 2: Nah, he's overrated.
by supniggas July 26, 2010
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A girl who is beautiful is not only extremely attractive physically, but also has an amazing personality. The few girls who are truly beautiful are not only cute and pretty, but also sweet, charming, and caring. If a man is lucky enough to meet one of these girls he should never disrespect her. These women are the exact opposite from fake.
"Man, I really like to hang to hang out with this girl, Ana."

"I noticed she seems really sweet and kind."

"Yeah, she's definitely beautiful."
by Noah55567 December 17, 2013
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the ness of beautiful

to be distracted by something or someones beautifulness
life situation playing beach volley ball and a beautiful girl distracts you by her beautifulness
by shaine93 July 21, 2009
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Your smile makes you pretty
Your body makes you sexy
Only your mind makes you beautiful
She/He got his stuff together, and confident not cocky, he beautiful!
by YEYE April 13, 2005
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guy 1: she is fair
guy 2: huh
guy 1: beautiful. that's the proper use of fair
by kmfrayed February 17, 2012
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