The best mobile game ever created. Created by Ponos, a japanese company.
Bae: Come over
Me: Can't I'm busy
Bae: I'm playing The Battle Cats
Me: *insert picture of someone running*
by cluckingflurry August 14, 2018
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A tower defense mobile game with gachapon elements. You are the commander of an army of cat-faced beings in a cartoon world who is waging a world war. Aesthetics are a nice combination of cute and creepy.
The Battle Cats is like a simulation of how chaotic and unforgiving war is.
by Helispark April 6, 2019
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The Battle Cats is a tower defense game made PONOS. The game consists of battling enemies with cats.
I like The Battle Cats
by Tao The Cat April 4, 2020
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A god tier game that combined tower defense games and battle games. It has over 40M downloads and the best part is it’s free to play! Pay to win aside, please download it, it’s amazing! Also, don’t underestimate the cyclones. They’re very hard. Anyhoo, your fighting with cats and fighting’s gorillas, dogs, snakes, and oh god, so many animals! And a giant floating head! oH LaWd!!!1!1!1!1
jaden: hey bud, let’s play the battle cats together!
me: ok pal, :D
Jaden: *immediatly sends out manic mowhawk*
Me: 0-0
by CyberCookie February 11, 2020
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A kickass game made by the Japanese company PONOS.
1: Do you play battle cats?
2: Fuck YEA!
by MrCatMan741 March 30, 2021
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the coolest game ever okay?!!? play it or pass away okay?!?! cats are cool yk?!?! okay!?!?
by BLEACH2 March 26, 2022
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