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This Ted Bundy-in-training is the ultimate skeeze of a guy. You can watch him trolling around every place he enters with the hunting intensity usually only seen on the plains of Africa on Animal Planet.

Preying on the weak, the young, and the slutty, this Badman is a magician of sorts -- poof! now you see him! poof! now you don't! Whatever bar you are at, the Badman WILL find you. Whenever you've had one (or seven) too many drinks, the Badman will appear to you.

His weapons of choice are cell phones, bowties, the work online scheduling center , Nyquil, and charisma. Highly intelligent, but uses it only for evil. Probably has a homely long-term girlfriend (bonus if she's a live-in girlfriend).

Synonyms for The Badman are Tony, Ted Bundy, Dexter, and Dennis. If you were to ask the Badman who he most relates to, he will tell you Genghis Khan. Yeah. Ok Badman.

Badman faves: Natty clothing, dandy hats & suspenders, shiny shoes, Jack Daniels, phones with 12-digit passwords, Range Rovers, gullible women (both girlfriends and others), and douchey health drinks.
"What happened after work last night?"

"Oh, the Badman (n) was texting me of course... he deducted what bar I was at from our conversation and magically showed up there 15 minutes later."

"That's the Badman (n) for you. But please tell me you didn't let him Badman(v) last night!"

"Wellllll..... what can I say? He's such a BAD MAN (adj)"!
by ohhey!gotchatony April 12, 2011
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