A game from the town of Kirkwall which involves two sides, the uppies and the doonies, attempting to get a ball made of cork covered in leather to opposite goals on each side of the town. There are no rules and no limit on team size. Often there is 100 to 150 on each side. Uppies have got to get the ba to a wall, Doonies have to get the ba to the harbour and in the water. When the Ba is scored the winning team members then fight to determine the winner of the Ba.
The game is only played on Christmas Day and New Years Day.
"The Ba is gan doon this year!"
by Shorie Buy February 10, 2009
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Jack: Hey Leon
Leon: Ba ba ba
Jack: what does that mean
Leon: hehe it's ba ba ba
by Jgpocelot February 20, 2018
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sung to annoy the crap out of people
as in ba da ba ba ba im lovin it
the mcdonalds advert
by laura W November 12, 2003
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The bottoms of a alcoholic drink, all the backwash and shit
You can have the rest of this 40, but it's all ba bas.
by Celeste February 28, 2005
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A highly irritating bit of scat used in Mc Donalds'"I'm lovin' it" ad campaign.
(in outdated slang) "My Big Mac is da bomb...
(chorus jingle) ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it"
by TremendousBeef March 22, 2005
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