Blowing a load that shoots straight up in resemblance to a rocket ship in result of a hefty tit fucking finish; hitting the girl in the chin, face or even entering the nasal cavity which is dependent upon the distance and velocity of the shot. Also known as the "Space Cadet"
"She asked me If I was almost done and right when she opened her mouth to speak she met the astronaut"
by JK-RWTD March 26, 2010
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One who insists on driving despite being too high to walk.
"Dominick says he can drive to McDonald's, but I just saw that astronaut motherfucka take a BIG-ASS bing hit!"
by Darryl X. July 8, 2003
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Someone who is amazing in bed (sex).
God, that man is an astronaut!
by Jaline January 28, 2005
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When you stick your thumb up the ass and your middle finger up the vagina of a woman and toss her, off into a pool, down a bowling alley, or into the air in general. "Up, up and away!"
Astronauting was Joey's favorite activity until he lost his thumb in the war.
by Doctor Rospunknick April 13, 2013
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Cosmic cock blockery abound, these space exploring bastards are known for ruining any chance you have of looking cool at a "Roll Party" (A social gathering in which Ecstasy is consumed)
"Who the fuck invited that Astronaut? What the fuck part of NO FUCKING ASTRONAUTS didn't you understand Todd?!"
by Adrian Tsubota January 22, 2008
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The key word in his nickname is "Astronaut"/ "Baby Astronaut" or "AstronautKid" ChicagoKid is well-known for expressing his Drug use through his music with Xanax,Percocets, Ecstacy, and Also Lean and Weed. He earned the Nickname From How Intensely High He Gets That he feels like he's "out of this world".
Yo I'm trying to get high as Astronaut, but I'm scared i might get too high and overdose.
by ChicagoKid's Nickname July 23, 2023
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