One of the dopest hip-hop producers in the game. His production is characterized by the sharply defined drums and loops crafted on his ASR-10. The Alchemist, born Alan Maman, was born in Beverly Hills, but now lives in New York. He has worked with Mobb Deep, Jadakiss, Dilated Peoples, Styles P., Termanology, and countless other dope groups.
This "We Gon Make It" Jadakiss joint is tight...who's on the boards?

Oh shit man, you gotta know that's the Alchemist.
by Lester Freamon September 21, 2008
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A book by Paolo coelho. About a young shepherd boy living in andalusia & he has a dream about treasure & goes traveling to africa in search of the treasure. when all along the treasure was buried under his house.
Paolo Coelho wrote The Alchemist in 1988.
by Caitlin Nowak August 21, 2008
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Starting in Egypt, alchemists were the predecessor to the modern chemist. Though they are largely discredited by the scientific community due to the fact that many included religion and the occult to 'fill in the blanks', they made great strides in scientific research, sometimes by accident (i.e. discovery of gunpowder trying to find immortality). After egypt, the next earliest is probably in China, where gunpowder was discovered. Many famous physicists were alchemistds, such as Isaac Newton. Today there are still alchemists, though they practice (usually) practical alchemy. This is the practice of alchemy that actually has a purpose, and the study and reproducion o=f ancient alchemical experiments, usually involving finding out both how the experiments were beleived to work by ancient alchemists, and how they work in terms of current chemists, and whether there is any connection.
One practical alchemy experiment is the extraction of salt from rosemary (popular experiment by some alchemist on the web), while other alchemy experiments include the accidental discovery of gunpowder in China.
by _picatta_ December 27, 2005
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People who are awesome and full of amazing powers. Some are short and blonde, others tall and have black hair. Each has their own specific name, such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang, or Armstrong Alchemist Alex Louis Armstrong. They have the skill to use science to create anything, as long as they give up something of equal value.
Man, you're such an alchemists.
You're absolutely fantastic, like an alchemists.
by Tsukikami Moyizawa March 19, 2012
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Older version of a chemist, usaly combining science and superstition.
The towns alchemist created an antidote.
by ^__^Eggman August 20, 2005
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Typically defined as a scientist who can allegedly convert any everyday object into gold, the more modern definition is as follows:

Alchemist: The leader, or head man/woman of the under-aged, underground alcohol trade. One who is able to turn money into alcohol through the networking of older non law-abiding citizens who will buy liquor and beer for younger affluent teenagers. Instead of being able to turn objects into gold, he/she can turn money into alcohol aka the gold of the youth.
Girl: "Hey Brad, would you pick me up a 5th of Malibu rum?"

Alchemist: "Why, of course, I can have that for you in 2 hours. I just need the cash."

Girl: "Of course, here is 20 dollars."
by Yumyumrum July 24, 2009
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A nicer way of telling someone who does or says something stupid or illogical, who has the intelligence to know better, that they have done something stupid or illogical, without thinking
Alchemy being the action of doing or saying the illogical thing.
An alchemist is someone picks something that is hot up without a utensil, when they know its hot.

Miley Cyrus doing a photoshoot naked under only a sheet than saying she didnt realise it would look so bad.
by biohaz August 19, 2009
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