The younger person in a relationship must be between 85-100% of the older persons age for the relationship to be socially acceptable.
Person 1- "Dude, I just got a new girlfriend"
Person 2- "How old is she?"
Person 1- "She's 22"
Person 2- "Dude, you're 35, that's not cool. You're disrespecting the 85% rule"
Person 1- "Oh shit, you're right"
by J1000awesome April 30, 2013
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When someone fails to understand the essential part of the statement (misses the point) and rather points out an error in that statement.
Intervention: *Trying to get through to Timmy that family is everything, and you need them.
Fam: Back when QweZey was in trouble with the law, he came to us for help. Not his boy Alex, us his family. When shit goes down TImmy, remember family is everything.
Qwezey: I actually did call him, but you guys got to me first.
Fam:*glare- *85% Rule bruh, 85% rule
by linear_terms January 28, 2019
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One of the rules of the internet. If it exists there is a pony of it.
Bob: Must we ponify EVERY MEME?!
Alice: Rule 85 bro.
by RienLee October 31, 2011
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All buttons, valves, switches, latches, must be pushed.
Big red button? Rule 85.
by The Master's Challenge January 20, 2009
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