Abbreviation for 'The Haystack'...a slang term for the city of Hayward, California in the Bay Area.
"He's from the 'stacks".
by Jack-D May 19, 2009
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To fall down or crash whilst on bicycles, scooters, scateboards, etc.

Australian colloq.
hey mate, did you see that guy who fully stacked it on his bike the other day?
by iamewy January 30, 2009
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Yo, I only gotta stack to play wit for the weekend.
by Brath November 6, 2004
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one stack = 1 G
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
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Means you are
1.Well built, muscley
2.Packing big titties (e.g. Porn star Lovette, good example of stacked)
1.I wouldn't trouble that bouncer, he's fucking STACKED!
2.Look at those tits on her, she's STACKED!
by ©™ October 15, 2003
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