Phrase used to signify a stupid, unwanted, or weird idea.
Fred: Let's all dress as cats for hallowenn!

Sam: Dude, that's gay.
by hatersgonhatee November 1, 2010
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GAY, adjective

1. Merry; airy; jovial; sportive; frolicksome. It denotes more life and animation than cheerful.

Belinda smiled, and all the world was gay

2. Fine; showy; as a gay dress.

3. Inflamed or merry with liquor; intoxicated; a vulgar use of the word in America.

GAY, noun An ornament. Not used.
We were having a very GAY old time until those abnoxious pedophiles showed up. Why can't they get along with anyone?
by THE-INTELLECTUAL February 4, 2023
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Son: “what does gay mean”
Dad: “happiness
Son: “are you gay”
Dad: “no, I have a wife
by V1NSAN1TY 123 October 15, 2019
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“Bro are you gay?”
“Yeah life’s great”
by Raymond gaymond December 31, 2022
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Son: Dad?

Dad: Yes son?
Son: Are you gay dad?
Dad:...No son...I have a wife
Son: What does Gay mean?
Dad: Happiness
by Frogbetra is Ary :> October 28, 2022
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