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Phrase used to signify a stupid, unwanted, or weird idea.
Fred: Let's all dress as cats for hallowenn!

Sam: Dude, that's gay.
by hatersgonhatee November 01, 2010
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Basically saying, "thats stupid"... Something you dont like.
A: The teacher wouldnt let me finish my test.
B: Well that's gay.

A: My mom wont let me go out tonight, sorry.
B: Ugh, that's gay.

A: My sister took my favorite jeans.
B: That's gay
by Fairy Princess November 01, 2007
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stupid, sophomoric, reflexive response used by countless dull witted boobs who, in their many years on this planet, have yet to increase their vocabularies much less their minds (or hearts).
Me : Awwwww ... Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was found dead yesterday. Mannnnn ... (sorrow)
Dipshit Standing Next To Me : huh, that's gay

Me : WHA ? WTF - are you still in high school or somethin' ? That's your response ?

Dispshit Standing Next To Me : Eat Me
Me : No - up yours, fucktard. Guess YOU won't be getting a genius grant from the MacArthur fellowship anytime soon.
by Virgin Suicides May 20, 2017
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A term used to describe anything with a hint of homesexuality.
(Also a really lame 2009 insult)
A: "look at this sparkly pen I got"
Zach: "bruh that's gay"
A: "Zach we've been dati-"
by Bunii_ August 06, 2019
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Some people say "that's gay" or "you're gay" as an insult to heterosexual people or other events. If you are one of those people, brace yourself, you're in for a shock.

"Gay" isn't a synonym to: stupid, weird, uncool, wrong, sucks, stinks, or any other insult like that.

Saying "that's gay" is basically saying "Look at me! I'm ignorant, insensitive and close-minded!"

The same goes for "retarded"
Guy 1: "My parents grounded me. Ugh"
Guy 2: "Man! That's gayyyyy!"
Girl: "Idiots."
by OMFGNERDFTW January 05, 2010
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