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A hilarious sketch comedy group based out of Boston, MA. Their humor relates (but is not limited) to college life, race, and gender issues.
RICKY: Dude, That's Awesome! just put a new sketch up on youtube!

BOBBY: That definitely is awesome. I'll go check it out after I blaze this fattie.

by T'Challa January 11, 2009
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1. Used mainly by Albertans and people who hang out with them for extended periods of time. It is used almost as freely as the word "like" by the So Cal girls. Basically used whenever there is a pause, or inert moment when one does not know how to react to a comment, event, or everything that's anything. After repeated ridicule for the use of the phrase, Albertans are now also resorting to "That's Hilarious!" for a substitute. Note that this phrase can be used for anything.

2. A way Albertans have to make you feel like a totally average person, because they will say you're awesome, get your hopes up, and then also say that something as lame as Concordia is awesome as well.
-My dog died.
-That's Awesome!

-That's Hilarious!
-That's Awesome!
-That's Awesome!
by AwesomeDefinition December 29, 2005
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