A slang a lot of teenagers use when they understand, fell to something, or relate to something.

Person 1: *plays song*
Person 1: “Wow, isn’t that heart filled?”
Person 2: “Yea bro, that slaps.”
by DumbFatRatBitch March 01, 2020
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A dildo that has some form of adhesive, that literally allows it to be slapped on, over the woman's vagina. The infamous danger being it detaching in a compromising position, such as pegging.
Mary stood up slapped on the Slap On and was ready to peg.
by ThatGodTodd October 22, 2014
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The process of putting a pinch of chewing tobacco into ones mouth.
Guy #1 "dude, let's get going, we're gonna miss it."
Guy #2 "hang on yo, I gotta slap in quick."

by Andrew0983 December 19, 2007
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