We all know him...
Person 1: Oh! You know who I saw today? It was... ummm... what's his name... you know, that one guy?
Person 2: Oh, yeah. Him.
by Toast13 January 28, 2009
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A person who stands out above everyone else, usually in a sarcastically negative way.
Timmy wanted to be That One Guy and decided to smash his friend's face into the cake. Hey, if he wasn't gonna do it, someone else was gonna do it. Let's be honest, it's inevitable.
by Eapple1145 August 27, 2016
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one-guyed or one-manned is notably used on Twitch and refers to when a streamer with a sizable chat gives attention to a chatter by arguing with that chatter as if that chatter speaks for a large amount of chat.
XQC and Malena tend to go on long rants because they let themselves get one-guyed often. It's annoying because you can sit there for minutes wondering who they're talking to.
by Todd Shepherds February 21, 2022
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A term used by Vinesauce Joel, a Swedish Vinesauce Twitch streamer when only a single person says they're either having sound or video issues, or when they suggest that something could be done in the game Joel is playing, but it actually can't be done.
Random person in chat: "Joel your stream is lagging, please fix"
Joel: "Is the stream lagging?"
Everyone other than the first guy in chat: "Nope"
Joel: "One guy? Alright..." *continues to stream*
by octagonlord69 May 17, 2020
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not a particual guy, just a guy that you can point to
"Hey! That one guy over there is wearing shoes!"
by Mikey Maris Migillicutty June 24, 2003
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You ever go back and help that guy that you dispassionately waved off the stage or no? Did he kill himself? Do you know? I don't know his name.
That one guy "Daddy Jesus! I need help! Lay your hands upon me!"

Hym "HAHAHAHAHA! That is so fucking embarrassing for you! First of all, even asking for help makes you pathetic. Secondly, you cannot afford him you idiot! Third, you look like a crazy sycophantic weirdo! Hahahahahaaa!!!"
by Hym Iam May 31, 2022
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