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We all know him...
Person 1: Oh! You know who I saw today? It was... ummm... what's his name... you know, that one guy?
Person 2: Oh, yeah. Him.
by Toast13 January 27, 2009
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A person who stands out above everyone else, usually in a sarcastically negative way.
Timmy wanted to be That One Guy and decided to smash his friend's face into the cake. Hey, if he wasn't gonna do it, someone else was gonna do it. Let's be honest, it's inevitable.
by Eapple1145 August 27, 2016
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That one guy that is ect.
ThstOneGuy: wat?
ThatOneGuy: Punches ThatOneGuy at his left
by ThatOneGuyAtHisLeft January 22, 2018
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