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Malena is the best friend that you could ever have!She knows when your sad and knows how to cheer you up.
Isn't Malena a perfect friend!?
by Midnight146 May 15, 2016
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a very sexy chick that will do almost anything. She loves to play games and have fun. she will bang you real hard.
i love malena
by sheep123 October 17, 2010
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Malena is the prettiest and nicest girl. She's super hot, extremely athletic, and super smart. She is always talkative and loves to cheer people up. She also has an amazing ass.
That girl is gorgeous, is her name Malena?
by Bitchplease17374 September 03, 2017
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Great at sarcasm, loves to make fun of Nadia, has amazing combacks is the best person ever! You want a Malena in your life, she is very artistic.

She is kind (most of the time)
Extreamely inappropriate
Wow Malena is so good at Math!
Did you see Malena? Shes super pretty when she does her rain Dance.
by Jsjananq February 13, 2018
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