Calling someone "That Guy" is saying that they would obviously be the one that would do a particular thing. This reference can only be made after the event has happened.
Person 1: Dude I'm so sorry but I just clogged your toilet again.

Person 2: Wow... You would be That Guy that clogs my toilet more than once.
by Ike Nwamgbe September 29, 2011
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The guy who goes to a high school party after he's graduated high school.
i can't believe "blank" showed up didn't he graduate like 4 years ago
by Rob April 08, 2003
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He fools you once, you're mad. Fools you twice, how could he. Fools you three times and he's officially that guy, you know the one. He goes to the bar and he's like "This suit is officially Georgio Armani, my dad knows him", FUCK YOU. I AAAAAIIIIINN'T HAVIN THAT SHIT!
by Unknowni123 July 29, 2013
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1. (n.) The guy who wears the t-shirt of their own band. 2. (n.) The guy who wears the shirt of the band that he has come to the show to see. 3. (n.) The guy who buys a shirt at a show and puts it on over whatever shirt they were previously wearing.
Dude, don't be that guy.
by richbastard March 26, 2003
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thers a "that guy" in every situation, he could be that guy who ate the last slice of pizza, or that guy who hit on your girl friend, that guy who who begs for money at lunch, or that guy who FUCKING SHOOTS DOWN YOUR GOD DAMN CHOOPER GUNNER WITH 3 KILLS TO A MOTHER F-ING NUKE!
Guy 1:Yeah i was on a 23 kill streak and that guy shot down my Chopper ginner...
Guy 2: Wow what an ass whole...
Ryan Sandage: Hey guys!
by A concerned Citizen! March 14, 2010
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a person who gives himself nicknames, laughs at his own jokes, and goes around acting like he's cool.
Wow. Have you been around Mike lately? Yeah... he's really being that guy.
by getatmeplz1 April 15, 2011
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Someone who shows up at a party with a guitar in a pitiful effort to attract the opposite sex.
"Donovan put the damn thing away, your being that guy again."
by TheLuciferEffect January 29, 2009
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