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Online sex, mostly used by immatture preteens wanting some off the internet. Or a fat fuck old shitty old man... looking for kids to shuve their dick up.
Oh baby take my panties off, with your teeth plz baby plz!
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004
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The best rapper ever known to the world and many others. His has past away, but we'll always remember him from his BAD ASS songs and records.
Sup 2 Pac, come with me baby!
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004
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1) A human being thinking of sex mostly every minute.
2) A thing with a amazing way to trick you into doing anything.
3) A thing I will always love!
4) A thing you have sexual intercousre with every time they try to give you a kiss, or at least thinks about sexual intercousre during the kiss.
5) Has a Penis, Cock, Dick, or a Big Ass Fucker.
Hey GUY want to come over and hang out?

Guy thinking: Sweet we're going to have sex baby. NO NO wait... laughing a lil... yeah we are.
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004
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A Girl thats goes to another guy to the other, because they notice that they have no change with them so they go back to a form boy friend or a new boy friend witch is probably using them.
Girl:"Hey Babe."
Boy Friend:"Hey,( not wanting gto talk, also saying HEY with head down)."
Girl leaves goes to her other boy friend realizing she has no chance with him.
Girl: Hey babe call me or meet me at my house at "4:20"!"
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004
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When my boy friend ahs been cheating one me when has no clue i know. And i blow him so fuckin hard, then stop and say "Oh what the fuck ... whos name did you just say... you fuckin asshole !" Then after the fact he gets the worst pain he will ever fell in his entire life of living.
Damn it ... Fuck she knows!
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004
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