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It means that's a but a even cooler way to say it
"Thassa cute lil thang"
"Thassa cute lil dog"
by Uwu1111 July 21, 2019
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Thassa means thats a :)) u uncultured swines jk I love yall but heres the definition
Random person: Thassa cute outfit
Girl: what?
Random person: it means that's aπŸ™„
Girl: awe thank you

Random person: that is the most ugliest freaking outfit I've seen in my entire life of living
by 🀟Periodt PoohπŸ‘Œ November 30, 2019
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It was originated in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi by the great Mr. Khanna.

Its a Hindi linguistic placeholder for usually things, moments, instances, descriptions in general conversations.
1) Suppose in a situation where person A suddenly brakes while driving almost hitting a pedestrian.

Person B who, is obviously startled, can say " Yaar yeh kya thassa mara tu ne...dekh ke chala na??"

2) You are standing at night and you spot something weird in the sky and remark " Oye...yeh kya thassa hai?" or "Abe kya hai yeh?? Badaa ajeeb thassa hai yaar"

3) You try and appetizer which you find it to be extremely scrumptious, you can remark " Tagrha thassa hai yeh" or " bhai thassa achha hai, try maar"

4) You are introduced to someone new and you find that person to be weird. You can say to your friends " Guys, lets not hang out with this dude again...iska thassa theek nahin hai" or " Bada ajeeb thassa tha yeh...kyon bulaya ise??"
by KhannaV June 23, 2011
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