First coined by the Swedish Progressive Metal band Vildhjarta, the meaning of thall was kept very secret for years, and was used as an inside joke to torment members of the djent community. Some speculated it was the name of their debut LP release, but this proved to be incorrect as Vildhjarta put out an album named Masstaden instead. Others speculated it was onomatopoeic, in the same manner as the word "djent"; used to describe the twangy thall sound of Vildhjarta's heavily-distorted extended range guitars. This proved also to be inaccurate.

The origins of the word thall were revealed by Calle and Daniel - they were slurring the word Thrull, and after, took it upon themselves to share the hilarious distortion of the word all over the internet. The word's popularity was hugely propagated by their rabid fanbase who would embrace thall and frequently leave comments consisting of just the word alone all over facebook and youtube.

Thus, thall has no true meaning, but has become a word unto itself.
That riff is thall as fuck

My new 8 string thalls

what is thall

by thallhjarta October 15, 2013
That djenty chugging and palm muting stuff you do with an eight string guitar. Dooodooo dwaaaaaa dooodooo dwaaaaaaa dwaadwaaa doo dwaaaaaaaaa.
Listen to this riff boi, it's thall af
*bonga bongbongbong daaa doo doo daa daa daa*
by Djentzilla March 31, 2018
The highly anticipated upcoming album from the ambidjent band Vildhjarta. The meaning of the word "Thall" is shrouded in mystery and may only be known by the bands members at the present time. It may be used describe a certain sound as was the case with Djent. It may also be a term in Swedish, the bands origin. Most people who use the term simply state the name of the album by itself or try to replace the word "Thall" with many random words in a sentence.
Person #1: THALL!

Person #2: I'm bound by thall law to inform you that thall is thall. I'm sorry.
by Inhert August 18, 2011
To be thrown by a tall person
Tall person: Have you ever been thalled?
Short person: what do you think?
Tall person: I don't know, I might thrort you anyway
by Jfjsjsjsjsjsjsjsj October 6, 2020
A trivandrum slang used to express exclamation like "wow"
Thalle!! lavan puliyanu ketta..

Thalle!! kollam!
by VMS November 28, 2007
Thalles is a fantastic talented Brazilian guy name . Thalles has a hot body like hellfire and clear fresh skin like cold lemonade on summer day

They are known to be extremely smart generous and calculated. They tend to have very sportive bodies. They have captivating unique perfume even ıf they come out of the run. A Thalles takes life very seriously and they know how to read patterns in life and how to act in time of need.
Wait. How did he do that ?
Well, He is THALlES.

calm down !! All you need is a Thalles
by bigcheecks November 22, 2021
one who has 3 balls.. an "EXTRA" ball!
Stevie: hey man look i got balls
brendan: u lucky bitch i have thalls
by brownie & lil brownie March 9, 2004