two or more words that when texting utilize the same "tap" text key order. To select the correct word you have to hit next to scroll through the options
you think you just texted someone:
ur hot I want to lick your pussy
...but they recieve the Textagram:
ur hot I wank to kick your puppy
by psuwoody March 16, 2009
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The very reason we can't spell fuck you on phone's that don't have keyboards.

WTF does that mean?

Oh it's a textagram of fuck. but since I don't have a keyboard It spells dual
by psychedellicereal March 14, 2009
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Two or more words that are spelt out using the same series of keys in a text message.
Guy is a textagram of Ivy. Anna is a textagram of Bomb.
by Gizborne December 30, 2008
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A word invented by morons that don't know how to change their text setting on their phone from "T9" to "Alpha" therefore rendering them incapable of spelling the correct words.
Anna: Dude, what the hell did you call me "Bomb" for in that text message earlier?

Moron: Oh sorry, it's a textagram my phone pulls up when I try to spell your name. It won't let me spell your name! It's like it has a mind of its own!

Anna: Moron.
by Juni Sweeney March 17, 2009
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A word that is keyed the same as at least one other on your phone. Similar to anagram.
Classic example: home is a textagram of good. others include pint & shot, cock & anal.
by Proudtorious July 2, 2012
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