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The visual sight of swirling beer cans and trash in the back of a pick up while traveling down a roadway.

Created by the vortex (draft) coming over the top of a pickup into the bed. The vortex creates a swirling tornado of debris that soon flies out of the bed and litters the highway with garbage.
Joe Bob created quite the visual as all the crap in the back of his pickup created a Texas tornado while traveling up Interstate 45.
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After anally penetrating a woman (or man) with at least his/her fist, the person fisting soon wiggles themselves all the way inside, putting up their arms and spinning around inside the other's bowels, like a tornado. Usually impossible to do, and if successful, often fatal to the other.
Gee, Mike, I've lost six women to my Texas Tornado routine.
by Strummy October 22, 2003
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When a male partner takes his female partner and spins her around on his dick like a raging tornado in Texas!
Male: Damnnnnnnn baby! I'm giving you a Texas Tornado tonight!

Female: It better be a good tornado baby! (;
by Natalie Stump. July 01, 2014
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When you shit and piss into a blender.
Richard was fed up with his bosses colorful comments so he made a Texas tornado atop his desk before walking out for good this time.
by Dill DOUGH July 07, 2019
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To grab a rope and a rare steak and place it inside of a woman’s vagina just to take out the rope while spinning it in the air screaming “yee-haw!”
“Hey man, have you done a Texas Tornado on your girlfriend yet? I bet she’ll love it!”
by Diamonds AHHHHHHHHHHH November 29, 2018
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The act of taking a power drill and putting it in a penis. Then the drill is turned on and the penis is turned into a tornado. Do not stop until the penis is completely gone just like that trailer park where your aunt used to live.
Ashley: My guy is into some kinky shit. I had to eat his ass.
Mary: You should see my guy. I had to do the Texas Tornado.
by YourMum69lel May 09, 2018
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