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1) Located in the beautiful town of San Marcos, Texas.

2) Only university in Texas to graduate a U.S. president. Lyndon Johnson graduate from here.

3) Majority of the students are women.

1) Place students go if they can not get into University of Texas or any other university.

2) Admission requires a minimum 2.0gpa, probably the lowest addmission requirement of all universities in Texas.

3) University known for drinking, partying, and generally just immature and dumb people. *Characteristics represents about 90%(maybe higher) of student body.

4) Univerity where your chance of finding a virgin wife is very low.

5) About 50%(maybe less or more) of the student body has a STD or STI.

Professor: Hi, How are you today?

Student: I'm in college I dont want to grow up. Wa, Wa, Wa, you can not make me! I want to party and have fun and never grow up. I want to be a kid forever. I do not want to go to class, I want to get drunk. I'm not a loser, you are. Ha, Ha, Ha, na, na, boo, boo.

Professor: Well, that explains why you are at Texas State University instead of UT.
by sd2832 November 18, 2007
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