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The most whitest song ever™️ by the group known as Team 10. The lyrics are complete trash and no one to this day can figure out what the fuck they mean. If you like this song you are either under the age of 12 or you have a reallllllly bad taste in music. Some people who sing in this song are the cringe lord Jake Paul, Tessa Brooks, and NICK CROMPTION
bro did you see this dumass song named ITS EVERYDAY BRO

yeah i did my friend's dog's babysitter's 12 year old daughter on musical.y listens to it literally everyday bro
by lickylickylittledicky July 8, 2017
She is a white female™️ who is mainly known for her part in Team 10 's "Everyday Bro." In this she raps about Panera, keeps repeating that she's Tessa Brooks, talks about your man's cologne, and as a bonus she does a lot of cringey movements. She is actually a really talented dancer but barely anyone but her 12 year old fan girls know this.
Cringey 12-Year Old- OMG I LOOOOOOOOOVE tessa brooks did you see her music video with team 10 it was SUPER DUPER LITTTTT
by lickylickylittledicky July 8, 2017
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