Kind of girl that comes into your life when you least expect it. When she does though it will change you forever. It's almost as if God put her into your life when you needed her the most. She's everything you once were, everything you could've been, and everything you can become. She's very smart, funny, and sweet. Before a Tessa can get close to you she'll have to know you pretty well. Being around her has a sort of therapeutic effect. If you ever meet one, NEVER leave her....ever.
Hypothetical John Doe: I can't stop thinking about this Tessa girl. I've never met anyone as unforgettable as her.
by Hypothetical John Doe September 28, 2017
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She has gone through a lot. Not just small hardships, but horrible things you can’t imagine. Even if you ask her about her personal life with her family, she probably won’t feel comfortable telling you. She may have scars that do show but now she is stronger. She keeps everything to herself because any time she shows her emotion someone ends up hurting her. People can tell her she is beautiful but she still thinks less of herself. Love food. McDonald’s (mcdicks) for sure. All she wants is a boy is a boy who cares for her and loves her the way she is. Not because of just her body or to have sex because you already know she thick as hell. You definitely need to treat a Tessa with care and gentleness
Boy: I need someone to love
Girl: I have a perfect friend for you... her name is Tessa
by Mr. Snowman January 12, 2019
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derived from the word "asset" (spelt backwards) representing a princess who is loved by everyone, and has already found hur knight in shining armour. Names in similair groups include: mario.
See that girl over there, the one everyone stares at, thats tessa!
by joker4lyfe October 26, 2006
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Tessa is a beautiful girl. She loves to dance and is usually very good at it. The best types of Tessa are the ones with dirty blonde hair and blue green ish eyes. If you like a Tessa let her know and don't give up on her. Sometimes she will say she is fine but if you look into her eyes you can see the pain she is hiding. She is always smiling and laughing even if she feels like falling apart. Best matches for a Tessa are usually names that start with a B like Brian,Blake,Brayden.
Aww Brayden and Tessa would make such a cute couple we have to hook them up!!!
by Girlsbesties July 12, 2018
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Tessa is a beauful person, she is highly intelegent and always is carring and loving twords others. Tessa dislikes the word "hate" because it is such a strong word, tessa is sweet and easy to get along with, your not complete until you know tessa, because she is very amazing,

by kieferrx33 May 22, 2010
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Tessa,derived from the word "asset" (spelt backwards) representing a princess who is loved by everyone, and has already found her knight in shining armor(He's in the Air Force).
Naturally a blonde, but uniquely charasmatic and brilliant. Her intellect has been known to surpass Einstien, himself. Because she can pass College Algebra with such ease.
Her voice has been known to put any insomniac to sleep.
You'll most likely encounter a Tessa on the nineth day of each month.

If you're lucky enough, you may experience a first kiss after staring at the stars for hours. But only if you see 9 shooting stars.

She's loyal, beautiful, gorgeous, and out going.
Tessa will always be the last thing on your mind before you will to sleep.
If you ever happen to fall in love with a Tessa, don't ever let her go.

She's the one thing everyone is missing in their life.
So you'll be the one person in the world to say you're complete.
You recieve presents from her, with just her PRENSENCE ALONE!
She'll give you kisses on the lips just for coming home.
She is a master at slaying zombies, and will take over the world with her knight in shining armor.
She's envied by all.
Tessa....there are no examples of Tessa, other than herself, any attempt at an example would be beyond pathetic. Even if compared to the memory of Tessa.
by 9th shooting star August 15, 2011
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