The most badass bitch you'll ever meet. She has an odd obsession with pictures of people with animal heads, but she's the greatest nonetheless.
- "That chick was such a Tessa!"
- "I know, man, I've never met such a Tessa in my life."
by jajajajajackmyswag July 10, 2011
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A girl that is so perfect.

She usually has a Tumblr and roleplays but if you can get her away from it she is an amazing person who likes to tinychat with her friends.
WOAH, you're such a Tessa.
by grace<3 July 15, 2012
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The most wonderful woman. Her man will never want to break her heart. She confuses him though
Man: I’m sorry I broke your heart
Tessa: I’m sorry I confused you but not really haha but I care and want to be with you too.
by Your aweful December 15, 2017
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A Tessa always puts her close friends first. She never gives in, and always finds a way. How is she ever going to find a man though?
Guy writing letter: Please, Tessa, love me.
Other guy: What are you doing?
Guy writing letter: Writing a letter!

Other guy: You know you're not going to get her that way...
by Your aweful October 04, 2017
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A beautiful angle that has a funny and kind personality. Even though she is the most popular girl she has the biggest heart for people, but mostly animals. She is crazy and can't be stopped. At sleepovers, she is the wildest one and always wants to watch Friends. She is dorky and cringe.

She is the most beautiful girl and has all the boys dragging on her feet. All girls are jealous of her pretty and outgoing self.
Girl 1: I love Tessa's new clothes!
Girl 2: Me too, I wish I had her clothes! She is so beautiful!
by @beautifulnamez November 21, 2019
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