A preconceived perception on the part of police investigators and detectives of a crime scenario or phenomenon based on past cases in which investigators became aware of a new type of scenario or phenomenon that was previously unknown to them but reaveal, being applied to a current case with similar elements and assumed to be identical to previous cases based on

past cases, statistics, personal assumptions, public opinion, hunches and other factors and then persued as such without objectivity or taking into account that although seeming similar the scenario may not be identical.
The police used a crime template to determine that when a child is killed in the home it's always the parents that are the killers due to statistics.
by on September 28, 2020
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"Hey, which meme template should I use?"
"Try the one with squidward and the lawnchair!"
by Devildog21 December 10, 2019
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A group of persons and individuals even from another existence who hang out from time to time.
But I thought... you guys were all just demons and spirits... turns out it's just template guild.
by asianadonis June 6, 2023
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An organized set of forms created to organize a set of data for the popular database application Bento from Filemaker.
Filemaker now lets users share their Bento templates with each other.
by nwillc December 10, 2009
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A poorly organized web site full of insane ramblings, usually centered on the page, which change the color, font size, and capitalization of words at random. They often contain irrelevant links and pictures, page-long alt tags, and animated backgrounds. Such sites tend to be about religion, aliens, conspiracy theories, and dead babies.
These people all seem to be using a standard schizophrenic template.
by nameless five August 10, 2005
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A Template person is one who only knows how to run by the rule book.
A Template person in a Project manager role would be the one who would write template emails, ask a specific set of questions, use a limited set of phrases and act like a project manager but provide no real value.

Carol : Hi guys, are we on track for the project? I need to send status updates to stake holders. Let me know if you need to setup a meeting and I will get one on the calendar. We are really over budget and I am really getting nervous. We need to make sure client is happy.

Aaron: You sound like a template person!!
by BlackSaturn007 March 6, 2014
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Something that doesn't exist
"hey check out this new meme template i found"
"Oh hey that will really get you a lot of Upvotes!"
by Virgin-killer69_420 December 30, 2021
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